Mia Carney


Mia Carney (086 8451833, facebook.com/miaartistwww.artvitae.com) I’m a full time artist & art teacher, living in a small village in Tipperary and I love it! I’ve exhibited in London, Dublin, Tipperary and Roseburg, Oregan, USA, (first international solo show), just wonderful! I can’t imagine not painting, it’s like breathing! I love painting people and landscapes and a challenge. Mia also exhibits in the Tudor Artisan Hub gallery year round.

VENUE 5. 22 MAIN STREET (Beside Oven Lane)

Mia is also part of the ‘Co-Creating New Music & Art’ initiative, an exciting and ground-breaking arts collaboration between over thirty local visual artists, writers and songwriters,  initiated by Linda Fahy, the Tudor Artisan Hub in association with Margaret O’ Brien, Writing Changes Lives.

There will be 9 new performance and visual art pieces – each inspired by prompts originating from transcripts of interviews with Chip Monck (MC and Producer) and Stan Goldstein (Organiser) of the original Woodstock Music and Art festival 1969 – by Claire O’ Regan, this co-create project brings synergy in the arts to a new level. There will be a special performance by all the co-creators at the Caravan of Love Stage hosted by the Wood of O from 4pm-6pm on Saturday, June 1.

Team: Marie Walsh, Theresa Ryan and Mia Carney




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